iPhone 12/12 Pro LuMee Holographic Paris Hilton Halo Case - 15-08681

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The LuMee x Paris Hilton case features an eye-catching iridescent effect and signature Halo lighting that’ll take your photos to the next level.


The bright, high-quality light on the front and back of the LuMee Halo balances out uneven, unflattering back-light, making you the focus. Simple and easy to use, it is a mobile lighting studio at your fingertips.


iPhone 12/12 Pro LuMee Holographic Paris Hilton Halo Case



This collection plays off of Paris’s love of everything iridescent. Take it from the Selfie Queen herself...this collection will leave people saying, “that’s hot”.




Package Contents

Additional Features

  • Signature Halo lighting
  • Strong Protection + Soft Rails for Easy Removal
  • Studio Lighting-30 Minutes of Full Brightness
  • Variable Dimmer - Press and hold light button to adjust brightness
  • Rechargeable Light built into the case
  • Durable Finish
  • Wrist strap included
  • Eye-catching iridescent design
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