Naztech N420 Trio MFi 4.8A CLA Car Charger w/ 8 ft. Lightning Cable - 15-04189

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Rapidly charge up to three devices at once! The Naztech N420 Trio Car Charger with built-in Lightning cable also offers two additional rapid charging ports.

The Naztech N420 Trio Car Charger features a built-in Lightning Cable and two other rapid charging ports and has IntelliQ Technology built-in to intelligently communicate with your devices to deliver the most optimal rapid charge possible. It boasts a modern design with a piano white finish and a blue LED indicator that illuminates while charging. This powerful car charger not only delivers 4.8A of total power to charge an array of electronic devices, but still remaining perfectly portable and compact making it great for at home, at the office, or while you’re travelling!

 Naztech N420 Trio MFi 4.8A w/ 8 ft. Lightning Cable Car Charger

IntelliQ Technology
The N420 Trio Car Charger provides your devices with IntelliQ Technology that communicates with your devices to provide them with the most rapid charging experience that is specifically tailored to your devices.

The N420 Trio Car Charger features foldable prongs and a small, compact design making it perfect for travelers who need to keep multiple devices charged while they’re on their adventures!

The Naztech MFi Certification Badge symbolizes the most strict standards in quality and testing by Apple’s very own technicians to ensure that every Naztech MFi device is made with the highest quality materials and engineered to deliver the fastest charge possible.


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Additional Features

  • Powerful 4.8A output
  • Charge 3 devices simultaneously
  • Built-in 8ft Lightning cable
  • Adaptive Fast Charge Technology
  • IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology
  • Illuminated USB Ports and LED Power Indicator
  • Small, compact design with foldable prongs
  • Input: DC12V~24V
  • Output: DC5V, 4.8A (2.4A+1.2A+1.2A)
  • Overcurrent protection, power overload recovery & overcharge protection
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