PureGear Clear Kikstik Smartphone Holder - 15-06381

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With simple one finger slide technology, KikStik let’s you securely grip and prop your phone vertically or horizontally.


The soft-touch surface and easy-to-use design make KikStik a satisfying way to grip your phone securely. With no bulk, the KikStik is a wireless charging compatible accessory, so the phone case never needs to be removed. Easy to open and close, the KikStik immediately offers a better grip so you can text with one hand and snap better photos.


PureGear KikStiks





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Additional Features

  • Slim design folds flat against phone
  • Wireless charger compatible (cases up to 3.5mm thick)
  • One finger, simple slide technology for easy open/close
  • Prop your phone and watch videos hands-free
  • Soft-touch finish creates a great look and feel
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