Xbox One (8th Gen) Otterbox Black Easy Grip Controller Shell - 15-08482

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Customize your gaming experience and get a grip over the competition with the OtterBox Easy Grip controller shell from OtterBox with two unique grip styles to choose from included in the box.


The OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell provides a precision thin layer of protection from drops and bumps while allowing for slip free grip while cornering the F1 Montreal Grand Prix or taking on the competition in Warzone. The six-piece shell includes 2 sets of grips (deep and textured grooves), the top and bottom shell which all snap together easily. The Ergonomic, slim case maintains the natural controller-to-hand feel of the OEM Microsoft Xbox Controller while personalizing the controller. The OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell allows easy access to the battery port as well as uninhibited control of all buttons, triggers, and directional pads. This first-of-its-kind, highly durable shell delivers the protection you've come to trust and count on from OtterBox while ensuring your controller feels and plays like a pro-level controller from Xbox.


OtterBox gaming accessories deliver durable, reliable, proven products that help gamers play comfortably and conveniently anywhere and everywhere.


Xbox Otterbox Easy Grip Controller Shell



Package Contents

Additional Features

  • Snap together case
  • Rubber palm grips
  • Charge Port and Battery Window Easy Access
  • Slim Profile for OEM feel and fit
  • Microsoft approved product
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